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Sarah Reed is a sensitive human being with an ever-growing curiosity of the world around her. Myers-Briggs considers her 96% introverted, so she spends a lot of time alone, questioning her existence. Yep. 

Sarah grew up peeling moving stickers from furniture every two years and writing letters to friends in other states. Going to ten different schools instilled a sense of purposeful restlessness into her life. It’s why she found her way to a career path that is always shape-shifting.

Sarah is fascinated by the way design influences our world. From globally recognized brand design to independently published magazines to gig posters thrown together on a word processor, she’s intrigued by it all. Design has been a part of her consciousness since the sixth grade, when she was commissioned to rehaul her friends’ MySpace profiles using HTML/CSS. 

Her senior year of college, she designed the identity for the annual graphic design showcase for graduating students. She even won a couple awards and was featured on page 168 of the SCAD 2019–20 academic catalog before she left. She co-wrote and co-coded a rulebook with her friend Mackenzie Stover. She cried (hard) in front of her classmates and professor when presenting her final portfolio, and then left Savannah for good. These feelings and experiences and moments and doubts all led her to today, today, today.

Sarah now cautiously navigates the unfamiliar world of corporations and lunch breaks. Sometimes she feels like a total imposter, but she learns something valuable every single day. Luckily, she has an incredible work environment surrounded by supportive and nurturing coworkers who have quickly become good friends. Sometimes she has days where she doesn’t think life could get much sweeter.

Sarah Reed would love to get to know you. You can tell her about a potential opportunity or request to see her student book (the one she cried about) through the cosmic web portal at hi@sarahreed.design. Or you can slide into her DMs on Instagram. If business-oriented social media platforms are more your thing, try reaching her on LinkedIn.

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