Sarah Reed is a multidisciplinary designer that enjoys crafting timeless, effective solutions for clients big and small.

Saint Anne’s Chapel
at Oak Grove Retreat
Identity Design
Book Design
Print Design
Web Design

Photography by Danielle Dolan
Saint Anne’s is a beautifully preserved historic chapel built in 1920. Privately owned by a retired couple that enjoys all things serene, the space is rented out for weddings, retreats, and celebrations by those who manage to stumble upon this hidden gem outside of the forgotten town of Tarboro, North Carolina.

Surrounded by native wildflower gardens and towering pine and oak trees, the chapel is truly a haven of stillness, tranquility, and authentic, non-trivialized joy.

An identity designed to elevate but not luxurize, complement but not take over, was necessary for this sacred space. Deliverables needed to be intentional: a wedding book to showcase to the happy couple when perusing the venue, a business card to leave behind, a refreshed web presence to boost bookings, and a few materials to elevate the guests’ experience when they inevitably decide to choose this beautiful space to gather in.

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